Established in 2013, Chromacon is a non-profit indie arts festival based in Auckland, New Zealand that celebrates the coming together of creativity, artistic excellence and community.

Over the years, we have collaborated with talented New Zealand and international artists to self-publish and produce a number of original pieces and collectible works.

In 2019, we officially launched CHROMA as an independent creative label fostering more collaborations and bringing you fresh new work from independent creators.

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CHROMA supports:

Our Artists

We strive to ensure ethical collaboration with all our artists.  This means fair remuneration and respecting ownership of their original creative ideas.

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Our Future

We believe art can make a difference and be a force for positive change.  Every $10 per order plants 3 trees in Madagascar, Africa. For more info click here.


A grassroots platform for independent artists to showcase their latest work and connect with art-lovers like you!

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Chroma Connect

Symposium and workshops to support creatives across New Zealand to build sustainable careers.

Art Tours

Meetups, international art exchanges…over the years we’ve continued to deliver projects to support our creative community.

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