Psychopomp by WAYNE BARLOWE
Psychopomp by WAYNE BARLOWE
Psychopomp by WAYNE BARLOWE
Psychopomp by WAYNE BARLOWE
Psychopomp by WAYNE BARLOWE
Psychopomp by WAYNE BARLOWE

Wayne Barlowe

Psychopomp by WAYNE BARLOWE

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Inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost, renowned artist and author Wayne Barlowe spent 30 years building his own underworld.  This 280 page tome includes more than 100+ illustrations, 150+ character designs, sketches, and countless daily notes of his creations.

Barlowe’s Inferno is an awesome visual work,taking us into a contorted landscape of the damned which Dante himself could never have imagined.
James Cameron

Come! The drums of Hell are beating and we must be quick to step to their rhythm!  

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29 cm (11.4") x 26 cm (10.43") x 3 cm (1.18")




English, Chinese


Hardback, First Edition



Wayne Barlowe is a world-renowned author and artist who has created images and stories for books, films, TV, games and galleries.

Barlowe has a remarkable list of credits to his name with involvement in a number of Hollywood's high-profile films such as Avatar, Pacific Rim, the Harry Potter series, the Hellboy series, Blade II and Galaxy Quest. In addition to contributions on many television shows, he was the executive producer of Alien Planet, a 2005 Discovery Channel television special based on his book EXPEDITION. And, in yet another medium, he has done game design for PROTOTYPE, DANTE'S INFERNO and SHADOW OF MORDOR.

Adding to these achievements, Barlowe's art books - EXPEDITION, BARLOWE'S GUIDE TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS, BARLOWE'S GUIDE TO FANTASY, BARLOWE'S INFERNO, BRUSHFIRE: Illuminations from the Inferno, THE ALIEN LIFE OF WAYNE BARLOWE and AN ALPHABET OF DINOSAURS - have garnered him world-wide acclaim. His novels, GOD'S DEMON and THE HEART OF HELL were released by Tor Books to critical acclaim.

Barlowe's talents have also been employed in the creation of hundreds of paperback covers for all of the major publishers and magazine illustrations for LIFE, TIME and NEWSWEEK.

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